Sam (houndsoflof) wrote,

            ......::::::comment to be added::::::......
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welcome to the club of elitist bastards x
except you disabled non-friend posting, so if anyone wants to be your friend... they can't post! :-0 sneaky
oops... i was too elitist for my own good

but all sorted :D
added to what? I am rather concered here.... is there some clause that I'm signing up to? it better not be anythink bad...hhhhmmmmmmmmmm..........
aha!!! i have joe as well, you comment to be added, and you commented!!! so now your life soul property jacket! belongs to me
but what if i delete it?
oh well... i don't really mind.... i suppose u can own me if u want!
Ok, question! Is there a way to make all of your entries friends only, other than going back through them all and editing them? Cos that would take a long time.
Pssh, and you were digging at me for having a friends only journal...
Like i'm signed in and ur damn 'friends only' thang is at the top of ur LJ and entries!WHY?!i thought i was a friend D:*whimpers*!
que? are you sure your signed in?
yes!i'm not crazy!...well
But I can see your entries
you dont know me.
well you might.
who knows?!
add me back pleaseth.

hey, i heard your band through the link on the bloc forum....and then saw you were on lj so i came here and you're in the love_russell community too, so therefore i am asking you if you'll be my friend :P

i have fairy cakes and military jackets!
wow, your music tastes are really something. i'm not quite sure how i came across your journal, but i'd love to add you.. if that's fine and/or dandy.
well your from australia so, ok

add me back then

hello sam harper! I have added you to my newly edited friends list as you requested - feel priviliged! ( I can't spell...) Oh - and add me too please!
Can i be added, please?
we have friends in common and you seem to like good music..
um yeah...
oi add me back?!?
Let me in!